Terrific Tuesday – Etsy Faves!

Time for another installment of my Terrific Tuesday, Etsy Faves. Green Mum sells reusable, Earth friendly tote bags in a huge array of styles and colors.  They also do baby tees, dish towels and t-shirts.  I love this Robot Lunch Bag - it's adorable!! You know I don't usually blog about other jewelry designers unless … Continue reading Terrific Tuesday – Etsy Faves!

My Newest Creations – Mutli Use Clip On Pendants!

Most days I wear the same old black purse because it's useful and fits all my "stuff". So it got me to thinking how I could change the look of my bag without actually taking all the stuff out of it. Purse jewels were born! I had all of these binder rings hanging around and … Continue reading My Newest Creations – Mutli Use Clip On Pendants!