Trends – Boots (Always My Favorite)

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Every year as summer begins to fade and Fall begins its beautiful journey to me, I get excited. It’s my favorite season for so many reasons. Halloween, leaves turning gorgeous shades of reds, oranges, yellows and greens, cooler weather and autumnal scents filling  the air. However, one thing usually gets me amped more than anything else…Fall clothes and shoes! I love layering…tights and skirts, boots with tall socks, sweaters, scarves…the list is endless. My all time favorite for fall is a killer pair of boots. I had suede slouch boots in 7th grade (thanks to my Mom who I now realize was fashion forward) and lace up Victorian boots in High School. College was more of a Doc Marten time and now I’m drooling over black, leather motorcycle boots. No matter where you live, no matter what size you are, this is one fashion “trend” you must own. I even hesitate to call it a “trend” since a great pair of boots will always serve you well.Here are a few great boots and things to wear with boots. I love the “rocker” style, the “biker” style and the “postapocalyptic” style.

SteamRaider Boots by Pennangalan

Classic Motorcycle Boots by apocalypsevintage

Thigh Highs - Leather Look by BabooshkaBoutique

Lady Guinevere Leg Warmer by poppyswickedgarden


Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Color Palette Renaissance – Etsy Style

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As part of a continuing series I’m focusing on the color trends from Fashion Snoop for Fall/Winter/2010/2011. In my last post I discussed the “Hitchcock” palette – lots of gorgeous neutrals. Today I present you with their other palette, Renaissance.  According the Fashion Snoop this color palette and key items represent the translation of “combating a rough economy with a warrior-like aesthetic.”  Look for hints of Joan of Arc as well as Robin Hood in fashion influence.  This translates to lots of metal, fur, leather and chainmaille.  This forecast is much welcome to me; I love the softness of  romance mixed with toughness and strength.

I adore the richness of this palette, neutrals balanced with dreamy jewel tones.  My favorite color from this is Pantone 18-1648 or “Baked Apple”.  Not pink, not red – a gorgeous blend and the best of both.  It reminds me of rosy cheeks after a chilly winter walk.  Below I’ve hand picked some Etsians with this gorgeous Baked Apple worked into their collections.





Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Color Palettes – Etsy Edition

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Every season the folks at Fashion Snoop come out with truly awesome color predictions.  The upcoming Fall/Winter selections are just gorgeous.  There are two sets – one is called Hitchcock, the other Renaissance.  I can’t even begin to describe how in love I am with both of these palettes.

For the next few weeks I’ll be featuring one (or maybe two) of the delicious colors and some of my favorite Etsians who have this color represented in their collections.

This first installment is for a color in the Hitchcock collection called Dark Gull Grey (Pantone 18-0403)  Some think grey is boring but I just love it.  It’s a great neutral without being black or beige or even navy blue.  This grey is a dark, slate grey and is simply gorgeous.  





Think Facebook Games are a Waste of Time? Think Again.

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I know what you’re thinking, yes, yes they are.  And I’ll agree you can certainly waste a lot of time getting sucked into Farmville or the likes on Facebook.  However, did you know that these games, this part of social media, is one of the fastest growing advertising commodities out there?

Last month Facebook surpassed the 500 million user mark.  You read that right, MILLIONS.  That’s a lot of people.  And according to an article in the LA Times 20% of all US advertising is now social media related, with half of that on Facebook alone. So, where do the  games fit in to all this?  It’s estimated that 1/2 of all Facebook users play games – 40% of Facebook time is spent playing them!  At any given moment there are literally millions of people tending farms, zoos and mafias.

Disney just bought Playdom, one of the leaders of social networking games.  The price? $750 million.   And, according to a London based firm, Screen Digest, the market for social games is expected to double in the next year to just over $1 billion.   That’s a 112% increase from 2009.  That’s insane.

So, again you may be asking, why are games on Facebook NOT a waste of time?  Well, looking at those numbers it’s easy to see that social media gaming is big business.  But how does this benefit you?  I’ll clue you in on a little secret.  People enjoy getting free stuff – real or virtual.  If you’re an active “player” on a game like Farmville, you’re familiar with the concept.  One of your neighbors is building a barn and needs a brick.  You send it to them and they’re happy.  Using the Facebook page for the application, you can reach out to other farmers that aren’t necessarily your “friends”.  You can add them to your ever-growing list of neighbors; you can, over time, become their friend.  It’s a simple concept really.

Utilizing this spirit of fun and acquiring friends from across the globe you usually wouldn’t, you can build your friend list to hundreds very easily.  Starting to get the picture?  All of these people are potential customers!  Unless they block you – which they won’t because they want free stuff – they are going to see your updates, your links, your products.  They’re going to “like” your fan page for your craft.

One of the reasons I ship internationally is Twitter.  When I started on Twitter I made friends with quite a few folks from across the pond.  I decided then to add shipping to the UK.  Now, with my friend list on Facebook ever-expanding I’ve now included the EU as well as Australia, China, Japan, etc.  Social networking – games on Facebook – have had a direct effect on the way that I do business.  And really, why shouldn’t a multi-million dollar market effect it?  And why shouldn’t we jump on board and use this to our advantage?

Do however beware of the phenomenon becoming known as “Facebook Addiction”.  I’m not making this up, I swear.  Marriages are being wrecked, jobs lost, friends alienated – all because some folks simply can’t get enough.  I know I spend WAY too much time on Facebook but not enough to lose a job or my house.

My Vintage Jewelry Addiction and the Family that Enables Me

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I have a strange addiction to vintage – especially vintage jewelry.  Things that are worn and have a story just really turn me on.  When I started on my jewelry making venture I was unsure of my path; I was creating more of what I thought people wanted rather than what I love.  Thankfully, my family began mailing and bringing me little treasures.  My husbands aunts (he has FIVE!) were first and it arrived by the box full.  Old pearls, lonely clip on earrings, stones, broken necklaces – what they called junk.  Well, you know what they say about another persons trash being someone else’s treasure!

some new old things arrive

I pored over bags and boxes for hours.  Looking up maker’s marks and trying to figure out when/where/how something was made.  It’s a fascinating jaunt into the past.

They would say to me, “I don’t know if you can use this,” or “maybe you can make it into something.”  Ding ding ding!! I had a light bulb moment.  It was then I began infusing my jewelry with the vintage feel I so very much loved.  I turned away from what I thought was “popular” or “marketable” and really got down to my roots.  Once this happened I also studied a lot more about technique and my work improved by leaps and bounds.  I fell in love with more than just vintage jewelry – I fell in love with making jewelry.

Recently my mother in law visited.  I saw her walk in the door with an old jewelry box (a huge-larger-than-a-bread-box jewelry box!) I almost fell over.  It was her mothers jewelry and she wanted me to have it.  To wear, to use, to sell – whichever I wanted.  She and I sat on the couch with that box for over an hour looking at every piece.  From the junky to the absolutely fabulous, it all was dear to me.  I loved hearing the stories of how or when her mom would wear something or where she got it from.

grandma's watch

I immediately gravitated towards two pieces.  The first is a watch worn on a chain.  It’s simple yet so elegant.  Best yet, it’s still working!  This quickly went into the pile for my personal collection.

wearable history

The second piece was a round brass piece with a woman on it.  To me it looked like a locket but Mom didn’t think it was.  After careful inspection – YES! it was indeed a locket.  I carefully opened it and much to our surprise it was not empty.  Two pictures inside, very old and worn, one of a man and one of a woman.  I showed this to Mom and tears immediately swelled in her eyes.  “That’s my grandmother.”  Wow.  That’s history right there.  It turns out it was her grandmother and grandfather and “Mrs. Quinn”, well, she was quite a fierce woman.  During the war, when most women had to “step up”, she ran a bomb factory.

So now you know where the “vintage inspired” actually comes from in my jewelry design.  Thanks much to all of my family who continues to enable this addiction I have!!

Wordless Wednesday Part II

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cocktail party treasury

Wordless Wednesday

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new toy

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