The Dreaded Creativity Mind (Road) Block

10/04/2010 § 1 Comment

I am one of those creative types with an overactive brain.  You know the type: we think too much, do too much, have too many ideas.  Creativity unfortunately seems to come with a price.  Once in a while the Mind decides it’s time to shut down.  I get blocked out of my own brain.  It still spins, thoughts still fly around inside, but NOTHING comes out.  At least cohesively that is.

I’m an artist but also a writer.  Sucks to be me when that creative road block happens – it’s twice as painful.

Thankfully, us creative types are, well, creative.  We find ways to recharge and re-inspire ourselves.  Over the years I’ve learned a few tricks that I’d like to share with you.

creative block journal by mypipsqueak

Number 1 – The almighty journal.  Yes, it’s true, the journal could and should be your best friend.  I recommend at least two.  A little one for your bed side table and one to carry around with you.  Ultimately I’d just like to have one in every room of the house.

mini journal necklace by wayfaringart

2.  Word Prompts.  You have a few options here.  There are books, cards and online creative writing prompts.

journal jar by journaljarsbyjen

3.  Stimulate yourself visually.  Go old school and browse some design magazines.  See what Martha has to say.  Go to Flikr and look at pretty pictures.

paintbrushes photo greeting card by broomhillpictures

4.  Walk away.  Literally.  Take a walk, a jog – anything to get your body moving.

dancing in the dark by donera

5.  Consider a media diet.  Go in the complete opposite direction and just shut it all down.  The TV, the computer – everything.

wildflower yoga pants by redbootsdesign

6.  Relax.  Try Yoga, meditation, get a massage.

Creative minds, like the rest of your body, once in a while need a break.  Nurture your brain, treat it with respect and before long you’ll be back on that road to Creativity.  If you’re interested in something to feed your brain (literally) check out this list of Brain Food.


Fashion Trends – Looking Forward

10/03/2010 § 3 Comments

If you pay attention to fashion and trends you know top designers are always looking forward. It’s hard to believe that Autumn has just arrived and yet Fashion Week in Milan last week had designers focusing on Spring/Summer 2011.

Dolce&Gabbana Spring 2011

My favorite was Dolce&Gabbana who emphasized lots of white and gorgeous vintage looking lace. Of course most of us can’t necessarily justify running out to D&G and spending a fortune. The good news is, with awesome handmade designers, you don’t have to.

Doily Dress by ArmoursansAnguish

Layered Ruffles Lace Mini Skirt by SalvationScraps

linen camisole with lace trim by sandmaidensleepwear

Fall Fashion Trend – Faux Fur

10/02/2010 § 2 Comments

Looking through pictures of Fashion Week today, I’m noticing a huge emphasis on fur.  I’m not a big fan of real fur at all.  The good news is that some designers are not only fashion forward, they also have a cruelty free conscience.  Seeing this trend able to carry through Fall and Winter, I’m willing to bet you’ll be seeing a lot more “fur” to come.  These Handmade artisans feature faux fur in their work.

faux fur legwarmers by KimKatBags

faux fur and wool cape by kellylynne

concrete jungle snowskirt by fantasyworldheroes

mini faux fur collar by labwear


09/27/2010 § Leave a comment

For those of you haven’t heard of it, Cargoh is a curated venue for artists and designers.  They have pretty straight forward guidelines – pretty pictures and a fabulous design aesthetic.  The result is a stunning group of handmade work.

Not only is Cargoh a marketplace, it’s heavily tied into Social Media.  You can log in using your Facebook and pull your picture directly from it.  It feels like a new, fresh and oh-so-more-artistic Etsy.  You can sign up for an account pretty easily but to become a seller, you must submit your work and bio.  I personally love this as my one complaint with the other online marketplaces is the over abundance of sellers.

Here are a few lovelies I found using Cargoh’s awesome search options.

Linea Sunset by Styleset

ecrue grecian yoke top by larimeloom

love of reading by eye shutter to think

Being the Hostest with the Mostest

09/20/2010 § 1 Comment

It’s almost upon us – the Holidays – a time to gather friends and family for events from Halloween to Fall Harvest and Thanksgiving on all the way through the New Year.  The time to start planning these festivities is, yes, you guessed it, NOW!  If you give yourself enough time to get that list started, you’ll be in good shape when it’s time to start playing hostess.

Greet them at the door with this yarn wreath from ItzFitz on Etsy

Protect your party dress while remaining fashionable. Amy Butler print apron by SugarPieChic on Etsy.

Deliver the goods with this platter by PaisleyHillDesigns on Etsy.

Wow them with delicious organic cupcakes from TheLaughingLotus on Etsy

Something lovely for those cupcakes by vesselsandwares on Etsy

Somewhere to put those cocktails with festive coasters from MeadowTea on Etsy

my latest treasury

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‘leaves of grass’ by blackcatcraft


BOGO Sale Dream gra…


Green Grass Perfume


tall grass pillow


Black Cat in Grass …


Grass Journal


Bike In Grass – Goc…


Beach Grass Color P…


Photographic Coaste…


Green grass cuff


accent pillow – gra…


Blades of Grass Gif…


The Grass is always…


NEW Grasses Scarf


Cut Grass Handmade …


hand painted herb p…


Green Grass – 8×8 P…


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Handmade Gift Guide Treasury

09/18/2010 § Leave a comment

‘fall at the handmade gift guide part 2’ by blackcatcraft

we had so many submissions, i wanted to do another treasury!

Fireglow Necklace -…


The Jack Jack – Mid…


Leaf and Acorn Need…


Antique Brass and B…


Earth Mama a bracel…


Handmade fabric bab…


Autumn Rust Orange …


Hand Carved leather…


bitty pendant – war…


Crocheted Fingerles…


Super Rose Hoop Ear…


OOAK vintage silver…


Ten Handmade Paper …


Mini Pendant – The …


Fabric Acorns Orang…


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