The Dreaded Creativity Mind (Road) Block

I am one of those creative types with an overactive brain.  You know the type: we think too much, do too much, have too many ideas.  Creativity unfortunately seems to come with a price.  Once in a while the Mind decides it's time to shut down.  I get blocked out of my own brain.  It … Continue reading The Dreaded Creativity Mind (Road) Block

My Vintage Jewelry Addiction and the Family that Enables Me

I have a strange addiction to vintage - especially vintage jewelry.  Things that are worn and have a story just really turn me on.  When I started on my jewelry making venture I was unsure of my path; I was creating more of what I thought people wanted rather than what I love.  Thankfully, my … Continue reading My Vintage Jewelry Addiction and the Family that Enables Me


I usually post something on "Thirsty Thursdays" today but even though I'm feeling the need for a cocktail, I'm just far too pensive to devote an entire blog on it. I find myself thinking and reflecting and wondering far too much lately.  And worrying.  Yes, then there's that.  Most of the daydreaming is of quitting … Continue reading Pensive

It Could Be Worse?

Never before in my life have I seen a time where this was an everyday mantra.  It could be worse.  Economy sucks? Could be worse.  Lost your job?  Could be worse. Overwhelmed with debt?  Could be worse.  All the time it surrounds us.  From the mouth of the President, to your co-workers and boss, your … Continue reading It Could Be Worse?