The Dreaded Creativity Mind (Road) Block

I am one of those creative types with an overactive brain.  You know the type: we think too much, do too much, have too many ideas.  Creativity unfortunately seems to come with a price.  Once in a while the Mind decides it's time to shut down.  I get blocked out of my own brain.  It … Continue reading The Dreaded Creativity Mind (Road) Block

Fashion Trends – Looking Forward

If you pay attention to fashion and trends you know top designers are always looking forward. It's hard to believe that Autumn has just arrived and yet Fashion Week in Milan last week had designers focusing on Spring/Summer 2011. My favorite was Dolce&Gabbana who emphasized lots of white and gorgeous vintage looking lace. Of course … Continue reading Fashion Trends – Looking Forward


For those of you haven't heard of it, Cargoh is a curated venue for artists and designers.  They have pretty straight forward guidelines - pretty pictures and a fabulous design aesthetic.  The result is a stunning group of handmade work. Not only is Cargoh a marketplace, it's heavily tied into Social Media.  You can log … Continue reading Cargoh

my latest treasury

'leaves of grass' by blackcatcraft poetry. BOGO Sale Dream gra... YuliaKazansky $15 Green Grass Perfume wyldeivy $15 tall grass pillow pillowhappy $75 Black Cat in Grass ... pinkbathtub $9 Grass Journal robayre $10.5 Bike In Grass - Goc... twoguitars $3 Beach Grass Color P... starfallphotog... $20 Photographic Coaste... tansyandco $30 Green grass cuff SueGregor $53 … Continue reading my latest treasury

Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Color Palette Renaissance – Etsy Style

As part of a continuing series I'm focusing on the color trends from Fashion Snoop for Fall/Winter/2010/2011. In my last post I discussed the "Hitchcock" palette - lots of gorgeous neutrals. Today I present you with their other palette, Renaissance.  According the Fashion Snoop this color palette and key items represent the translation of "combating … Continue reading Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Color Palette Renaissance – Etsy Style