Easy & Beautiful Cricut Vinyl Art Project

It took me awhile to gather all the necessary items I needed to start really working with my Cricut. I got some inspiration from Pinterest and started this project today. Silly me, didn’t take photos of the steps but I’ll still list them for you.

  1. First you need some watercolors – they need to be decent (not kids paints in a box!) with good pigmentation. I use these from Amazonwatercolors
  2. I used some pretty heavy watercolor paper but you could use any heavy paper that is porous enough for watercolors yet strong enough to have vinyl applied.
  3. Pick a color scheme and go crazy. I used 2 shades of blue and some white – dabbed in water and swirled around the paper. Added water to my brush to create some splatters and watery areas.
  4. Let dry and cut to size. I wanted 8.5 x 11″ because of the frame I already had.
  5. Cut your saying in Cricut Design Space with whatever color you want. I used this gorgeous shimmery gold from Craftables on Amazon.Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 4.39.30 PM
  6. Transfer vinyl to transfer tape and arrange on the watercolor artwork where you’d like it to be. Stick to the surface and peel away transfer tape.
  7. For the frame I used a certificate/award frame I got for $1 at the Dollar Tree. I already had the metallic gold spray paint. I applied 2 coats for good coverage. Let dry.
  8. Arrange your artwork in the frame – I used a border mat I cut from cardstock – and you’re done! This whole project probably cost me $3.

Completed artwork!


As you can see the possibilities are endless – vary your size, font, watercolors, color of vinyl & frame to suit your project. Next I’m thinking of doing a grouping of smaller ones for my kitchen. Have fun!!

Lauren (1)

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