Fall Fashion Trend – Faux Fur

Looking through pictures of Fashion Week today, I’m noticing a huge emphasis on fur.  I’m not a big fan of real fur at all.  The good news is that some designers are not only fashion forward, they also have a cruelty free conscience.  Seeing this trend able to carry through Fall and Winter, I’m willing to bet you’ll be seeing a lot more “fur” to come.  These Handmade artisans feature faux fur in their work.

faux fur legwarmers by KimKatBags

faux fur and wool cape by kellylynne

concrete jungle snowskirt by fantasyworldheroes

mini faux fur collar by labwear

2 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Trend – Faux Fur

  1. amarige panache says:

    Have you seen the AW collection by Stella McCartney? Of course as a staunch vegetarian she NEVER uses fur, leather, it looks fantastic, and many say the cllection she presented for Fall this year was her best yet . . .

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