Featured in the Star News Wilmington!

So a few weeks back I got a random reply to one of my blogs from a reporter for the Star News.  She was doing a feature on local Etsy sellers and asked if I’d like to be included.  Of course I said yes and waited patiently for the list of questions to arrive in my inbox.  Within a few days I had them and answered them promptly.  Later in the week a very nice photographer came to my house where I sat in my studio smiling for the camera.  I do not like having my picture taken at all!  But he was super nice and made it easy for me.  After he left, the waiting began.  The article was originally supposed to appear online the next week and in print within a few days after that.  Unfortunately it was delayed a few days and more waiting ensued.

Last week I received the joyous news that it was due out on August 15th in print – the Sunday paper!! Sometime late Friday night I happened online and found this:

Etsy wraps local artists, buyers in web of commerce

By Carmen Rodriguez
StarNews Correspondent

I was overjoyed to say the least.  I’ve never been featured in anything really, let alone the paper.  It’s a great article which you should definitely read when you have the time.

So, yesterday – Sunday – finally rolls around and I, of course, had to run to the store and check the paper.  I was totally blown away when I turned to the Work section and found this:

I couldn’t be happier and managed to buy a few copies to send to my family.  Please take a minute to read the online article (it’s the same as the print) and send me your thoughts!!

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