Friday Inspiration – Free Tutorials

Ok so I’ll admit it, I’m a little lazy when it comes to making tutorials. I did one a ways back on making your own earring cards. My process for that has changed and I’ve yet to update the tute. I promise I’ll get to that someday soon! In the meantime, I figured I would share from my wealth of tutorials that I have amassed and saved.

For those of you who sew you simply must check out the blog annekata – she has really great tutorials.  One I love is making fabric flowers.  It’s titled Summer Flower Tutorial – Grow Your Own Hybrid in 5 Minutes…

Another awesome site, craftstylish, pretty much runs the gamut on crafting.  But, one of my favorite tutorials is another sewing one.  It’s How to make Singleton Buttons and they’re ADORABLE!!

singleton buttons - diane gilleland

Lastly, let’s talk about  Really, if you’ve never been go and check it out.  Immediately.  It’s crafting for the people, by the people.  You can share projects, get feedback and find tutorials!   Here is a really cool one I found on how to make a necklace out of ribbons and washers!  TUTORIAL: Necklace made from Metal Washers

Have fun and enjoy!

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