Thirsty Thursday – Etsy Edition

As you may know by now I love Thirsty Thursdays!  I guess it’s a throwback to long gone college days or perhaps it’s just to signal and celebrate the coming weekend.   The older I get, the more particular I am about my Thursday imbibe.  Usually wine is the drink of choice – a nice Pinot Noir or Cab – something pricey enough to not give me a wine hangover but cheap enough to enjoy on my budget.  Sometimes nothing but a tasty margarita will do.   Choco-tini? Yummy!

You may also know (or at least should know!) how much I love, love, love Etsy.  So this week, instead of what drinks I want or drinks I love, I’m featuring a few really chic and classy accessories for your favorite tasty adult beverage.  So get thirsty and, as always,  please drink responsibly 😉


Inoudid's Attic

am studio art & design



One thought on “Thirsty Thursday – Etsy Edition

  1. weezi says:

    Fun picks! I didn’t know about Thirsty Thursday- I will have to make sure I am back by then.
    There is nothing like a good glass of wine or a frosty beer in the summer.
    thanx for the great finds! Lisa 🙂

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