It Could Be Worse?

Never before in my life have I seen a time where this was an everyday mantra.  It could be worse.  Economy sucks? Could be worse.  Lost your job?  Could be worse. Overwhelmed with debt?  Could be worse.  All the time it surrounds us.  From the mouth of the President, to your co-workers and boss, your spouse or partner, to friends and relatives.  It could be worse.

Well, yes, it could always be worse.  But who wants that?  When did believing that things could be BETTER become selfish or even wrong?  In my book…my life…my mind, things not only could be better, they can and will be better.

So where to start getting over this negative mentality?  First I start to assess what I feel could be worse and why; whether these things are out of my control or if they’re something I can change.   For me, the biggest issue is my job.  People are always telling me, “in this economy you’re lucky to even have a job – it could be worse!”.  And yes, I’m lucky to have a job but for me, personally, I don’t really believe my job could get any worse.  If it does, I will surely quit. Just like that.  And some folks may get mad at me there, and that’s ok – everyone is different.  I don’t know your situation and you don’t mind so let’s not judge each other!  🙂

Now, if I think about how my job could be BETTER, I already feel some of the weight lifting.  There are few aspects of my job I can control but my mentality towards my job I can – in a heartbeat.  If I go to bed anxious, dreading the morning I’ve already sabotaged the next day.  If I fall asleep really thinking and believing that tomorrow could be worse, I’m pretty sure it will be.  But, if I take a few minutes to think of things I can do at work to make my day a little better, then I’ve already succeeded.  Take today for instance.  I woke up angry, anxious and dreading going to work.  I arrived at work worse for wear after my commute.  By 8:30 I was ready to go postal.  Now here it is, 10:00 am and I’ve taken some deep breaths and have stepped away from “work” to write a blog.   I made an active decision to take a break, calm down and do something for myself.

Instead of focusing on what is wrong with my job right now, I need to concentrate on the good things – where this job will take me.  Eventually it will let me save enough money to QUIT MY DAY JOB and go full-time with jewelry and crafts.  Thinking about that, well, that makes me KNOW that things not only could be but will be better.

Now, to apply this thinking to the rest of my life – on a grander scale – this will be an ongoing blog topic so stay tuned!

One thought on “It Could Be Worse?

  1. Carmen says:


    I’m writing a story for Star-News about local Wilmington artist who sell their crafts/art on Could you give me a call at 561.889.1648. Love to chat. Would need to hear from you ASAP, though.


    Carmen Rodriguez

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