Terrific Tuesday – Etsy Faves and Finds

Today for my Etsy picks, I decided to visit some folks I discovered months and months and months ago – way back when my Etsy journey began.

First, Times and Chimes is such a cute shop!  They specialize in bird houses decorated with vintage and antique treasures – some are even made of reclaimed wood.  During the holidays be sure to check in for their beautiful ornaments too!

butter cream bird house
row houses for the birds
sold – home tweet home

Another favorite – Noadi’s Art – has really cool science inspired art and jewelry.  If you dig squid & science, this is your shop!

green squid necklace

steampunk trilobite

squid specimen jar

The Lemon Tree Studio is a-dorable.  Full of all things colorful, this shop really has something for everyone.  Cute girl’s dresses, handmade bags, cards, barrettes, toys and even home decor.

picnic in the park

birdie bag

stuff and junk totes

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