Color Trends – 2010 and Beyond

Hi all, I know its been AGES since my last blog but I’ve been inspired!

I’ve been a big fan of Pantone since I worked in a sign shop and learned the importance of accurate color matching.  I was especially excited to see that Pantone named Turquoise as color of the year for 2010 as it is my “go-to” color for everything.

On their site you can purchase palettes of inspiration for the coming seasons – I personally LOVE the one called “Universe”

I’ve recently discovered Clariant and their ColorWorks and I must say, I’m enamored! They have a great feature called ColorForward where they predict the up and coming colors.  

• Identifies cultural and lifestyle trends

with true global relevance.

• Analyzes societal and mass-market


• Forecast colors are springboards

for inspiration, interpretation and

adaptation to specific product and

market requirements.

The ColorFoward for 2010 is very cool – about societal trends as listed below:

  • Reinventing Happiness

  • Tech It Easy

  • Embracing Gaia

  •          Age Shock

Each one of these trends has a selection of colors that goes along with it.  You can see their color predictions here – it’s a free pdf.   ColorForward 2010.  I personally love the “Embracing Gaia” scheme!

On their site you can also read about ColorForward 2011 which promises –

Colors for 2011 will be brighter and more lively, reflecting a renewed sense of optimism in a world still struggling with natural and man-made crises, according to ColorForward™… At the same time, consumers can be expected to respond more to technology, materials and emotions that stimulate the senses in ways that go beyond the merely visible.

And if you’re curious about predictions for Fall 2010 see the below chart from Pantone.

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