Featured Artist – Nifty Knits

As one of the winners of my Etsy Buyer/Seller challenge, I’m featuring the LOVELY Nifty Knits.  Super cool hand knit items including my personal favorite, Meerkats!  

Where do you live?

I live in the Kent countryside, in the south of the UK. You can often find photos of the beautiful area around me in my blog.http://niftyknits-somuchyarnsolittletime.blogspot.com

Tell me a little bit about what you make.
It can almost be summed up in one word: Meerkats! I started out knitting all sorts of things, bu meerkats are very definitely what my customers like.

How did you decide to start the line?
I was watching Meerkat Manor one day and said to myself “I could knit on of those”. I started with the little sitting meerkat (see photo right) . It took me a few days to work out how to make him stand up, and a while longer before they started wearing costumes!

How did you learn your technique?
I learnt to knit as a child using two needles. When I started knitting again I found I really didn’t like sewing up, so I taught myself to knit with double pointed needles. I’ve been known to use up to 9 at a time (but that was pretty silly!) but usually knit with 4. I like knitting in the round as I can see that my creation is growing in the appropriate direction. I woldn’t want to have to explain it all in “pattern language”, I have no idea if I’m doing it “right”.

Why do you enjoy your craft?
I love seeing something grow, I like being able to *work* while watching TV from the sofa in front of the fire!

Where do you find your inspiration?
If I’m *stuck*, the best cure is to go out for a walk. It’s no surprise that I’ve just been knitting lambs, the fields around me are full of them (see my blog!) My friends on twitter are a neverending source of ideas (@tobyboo often asks me when Professor X, complete with wheelchair, is going to join my Xmen meerkats!)

Is this your full time work?
Yes. I used to teach, but this is much more fun! Funnily enough one fo the reasons I gave up teaching was the 80 hourweeks. I probably work just as many hours now, if you take all the other tasks into account (photographs, listing, promoting)

What do you like to do when you’re not crafting?
I love walking. One way we’ve discovered of exploring new areas is geocaching – which is low budget treasure hunting with a techy twist, using GPS. Great fun for all – learn how on my blog: http://niftyknits-somuchyarnsolittletime.blogspot.com/2009/03/geocaching-wossat.html 
I also need to watch lots of Star Trek, as professional research for my Trekkie meerkats! 

Some of Nifty Knits links to check and get to know her better!
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