Terrific Tuesday – Etsy Faves!

It’s Tuesday yet again which means it’s time for my Etsy picks of the week.

You know by now that I have a serious fascination with cats and all animals really.  So of course this Two Cats Blue Original Greeting Card caught my eye!  Check out other works by Cat Can Paint including her really cool owls!

I really love this Bamboo Decorative Fused Glass Plate by Gloria Lynn.  It’s so delicate and simple – I want one!  Lots of great Dichroic Fused glass art and jewelry here!

I know absolutely nothing about knitting or crochet but this is so cool I just had to feature!  Green and Yellow Millefiori Beaded Scissor Fob by TJB Designs seem to be a really simple way to give your tools some bling!  I’d think they would work with any tools!  Lots of handy needlework accessories!

I really like this piece from VeeDubz – Orange Birds Fabric Wall Hanging.  It will surely brighten any room!  Also a wonderfully awesome selection of throw pillows, pillow covers and table runners!

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