Etsy Buyer Seller Challenge

Hello everyone and please excuse my prolonged absence – I’ve been a bit under the weather and it has greatly inhibited my creativity.

So here it is Thursday and I’m back with a bang!  I’ve come up with an idea that I think is pretty cool and I hope you do too!!

I’m calling it the Etsy Buyer/Seller Challenge and here are the (rough) guidelines.

1. Go find someone on Etsy who sells supplies that you use in your craft. Purchase said supplies. (To be fair about cost, as long as one of the things you use is bought via Etsy, it’s ok)

2. Post the link of what supplies you purchased in Comment section of this blog. (I will be creating a page just for entries).

3. Create something wonderful with those supplies you purchased on Etsy.

4. List the item in your own Etsy shop with buysellchallenge as a tag. Tweet the item on Twitter using #buysellchallenge and #etsy tags.

5. Post a link to your item in this blog entry.

6. Once I receive all the entries I will create a special edition blog and we’ll have a vote to see who wins! The prize (so far) is going to be a special featured artisan blog. If you would like to contribute additional incentives for folks to join (a feature on your blog, free beads, whatever) please let me know!

Extra points will be given for creativity, for example, buying something you normally wouldn’t and incorporating it in to your design, stepping “out of the box” with your overall design schematic,etc.

I know a lot of you already purchase your supplies on Etsy as I do myself.  However, I rarely, if ever, submit photos to the seller of my completed work.  I thought this would be a good way to not only showcase the “finished products” but also all the fine suppliers there are on Etsy.  If you have recently purchased supplies this will also work, just please try to keep it recent (to be fair) and submit that link!

Lastly, I would advise trying to buy from someone relatively close to you so that you can receive the supplies within a week.  I would like to have all submissions by March 4th and have voting commence on Wednesday the 8th.

Please feel free to submit questions, thoughts, issues, etc.  Happy shopping and happy creating!!

4 thoughts on “Etsy Buyer Seller Challenge

  1. MAB Jewelry says:

    Okay, I bought these this week, and they're going to be a necklace!

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