Terrific Tuesday – Etsy Faves!

Time for another installment of my Terrific Tuesday, Etsy Faves.

Green Mum sells reusable, Earth friendly tote bags in a huge array of styles and colors.  They also do baby tees, dish towels and t-shirts.  I love this Robot Lunch Bag – it’s adorable!!

You know I don’t usually blog about other jewelry designers unless I love them.  Glass River Jewelry is one such jewelry designer!  I am crazy about her purse pull/key chains.  I used to make these and hers really rock.  Pictured is the Pretty in Pink Jasper purse pull.  Lovely!

Fluffy Pink Bunnies is an outrageously cool vintage store on Etsy.  I just love, love, love great vintage finds so this store really gets me.  The Vintage 1950’s Polka Dot Sundress pictured right, is so pretty and I would love to have it!!

Down to Earth Pottery is a great place for wonderful pottery pieces including dinnerware, sushi sets, mugs and yes, even jewelry.  This Round Birdfeeder caught my eye this morning. I think my collection of robins in my yard would just love it!

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