Supporting a Cause – Not Just Any Cause Will Do

I’ve always considered myself somewhat philanthropic, at least the most I can be on my current budget.  Today I realized that, in certain areas, I am just not doing enough to help – there are more ways than money to support a worthy charity.  Some causes are bigger than me and a cash donation does just fine.  But this morning I found a place that I think I can really help, on a local level. (Please keep in mind, there are many animal rescue groups in my area but I have selected this one because it’s basically a one woman army who is just getting started.)

Part of my usual routine on Mondays is to peruse the classifieds on Craig’s List and a few other local places.  I’m not sure why I clicked the link for this one, but I’m very glad I did.  I discovered Fairy Tail Endings which is run by one woman on a mission (pictured right).  I began pouring through her website and blog, discovering too many things that need to be done on a local level.  So many dogs and cats to be rescued, adopted or even fostered.  So much food to buy.  So many minds to enlighten on the horrible cruelty that exists in this world for so many animals.  

This sort of non-profit has always been very important to me to support.  My animals are ALWAYS rescue animals.  When disasters strike, I donate to IFAW, WSPA or the ASPCA.  For a long time I was a card carrying PETA member.  I try to help strays find their homes.  I cry a little with every death I see on the side of the road.  Hell, I was even a member of a stranding network that helped rescue beached whales!  Basically, I’m an animal freak…I love creatures both big and small.

So I have taken a self-made pledge for the rest of January and all of February to donate 25% of my total sales to helping this newly founded animal rescue group.  Whether it’s buying food or supplies, I need to do something to help.  And since my shop on Etsy has sporadic sales and I cannot guarantee ANY money will be raised, I will be doing what I can to help in other ways too.  For example, this morning I helped a complete stranger find a used and affordable crate to train her dog so as to avoid her giving him to the shelter.  These tiny, random acts of kindness are the least I can do to help.

I invite you to read over her site and see if you too are not moved to get involved.  Some of it is pretty heavy stuff so readers beware.  

My rescue dog John Adams (left) as a wee pup.  This is the picture that sealed the deal.

George (right), my first rescue on my own and the Black Cat inspiration.

And Ziggy (below), another rescue kitty.  His full name is Ziggy Scissor Paws

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