Sinful Saturday – Indulgences

It’s Saturday, my favorite day of the week! So I’ve decided to share some of the things I’m currently wanting, craving and indulging in.

This is my (over) indulgence for the week.  I love almost all Ben & Jerry’s but this is one of the best flavors ever invented.  I only give in to this choco-craving when its on sale so thank you Harris Teeter for 3 for $10.00! (I only bought one, don’t worry)

Today a “little birdie” told me that the craft store Michael’s was having a sale on their “bead corner” beads.  50% off!!  So of course I headed over and spent almost 2 hours drooling over the beads.  I somehow managed to be (fairly) good and only brought home a few strands (by few I mean less than 20).  There’s something about that giant wall of glass, stone, pearl and crystal that momentarily paralyzes me and then incites some sort of bead buying frenzy!

This picture represents my greatest indulgence I have yet to partake in today – a NAP!  I only wish my pillows were this comfortable looking.  These gooose down lovelies are from Restoration Hardware and at about $100 a piece, they are an indulgence for another day…another year perhaps is more accurate.

Last indulgence of the day is something I both want and need but will have to wait until next week. It’s one of the best words in the world and just thinking about it eases my mind just a little bit.  Yes, that’s right.  MASSAGE!!

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