Thursday Inspiration – Gorgeous and Organized Studios

Hello again.  I’ve come to the conclusion that part of my problem with my deficiency in blogging is due to the fact  that I am totally unorganized.  So I’ve decided to re-inspire myself to get my office/studio in shape.  I found a great group on Flickr called Etsy Open Studios where folks post pics of their workspaces and studios.  This group is utterly addictive to peruse!  I spent almost an hour yesterday and found one that has completely inspired me.  It’s by Cathe Holden who is a graphic designer (  She really has rad designs and I absolutely love her blog. Here are a few pics of her insanely awesome studio, chock full of great vintage finds.

Here is her “workstation”.  If mine ever looks like this (or even sort of like this) I’ll be the happiest girl in the world.  Be sure to check out the smokin Mac!

This one is her “Glitter Corner”.  Oh how much do I love his picture?  All the vintage inspiration a girl could ever need!

This is like an ode to organization.  Everything has a place in Cathe’s studio.  I love how she utilizes every inch of space.

Be sure to check out the rest of the pics in her Studio Set.

Here is a pic from purpleloco that blows my mind.  Just for the number of beads alone…

I love the clean lines of this studio.  My Sunset Road’s studio as featured in Apartment Therapy.

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