Adventures in Blogging

Hi all – I’m thinking of starting a new weekly feature, “Adventures In Blogging”. So here it is, Wednesday, a perfect day to start. This will be a blog about blogs, blogging and things of the blogosphere. Drumroll please…here we go.

 First off, a personal note about blogging.  I’ve discovered that, like with most other things, really good blog ideas come to me late at night or very early in the morning.  When I’m in that stage of sleep where I’m not asleep and not awake.  If I don’t immediately write them down, it’s like magic – *poof* they’re gone.  On rare occasions I can remember a glimmer of the idea again at some later point, but the fruit of it is never, ever the same.  So, I’m getting into the habit of keeping a notebook and pen at my bedside table.  It’s also good for quick sketches and dream catching.

Second I would like to better introduce some blogs I love and read regularly. (I mean c’mon who actually looks at the links on the right side?)

I love, love, love Daisy the Curly Cat!  This blog is the greatest – it is cute and hysterical.  You really need to check it out.

I also really Dig I Love Handmade. It’s a daily feature of handmade artisans from all over the globe.  Great place to find new and interesting things.
And of course there’s Chickenpants, the Blog of Absolutely Small.  I love this blog because not only does it feature the latest (and cutest) Chickenpants, it’s just fun to read.  I love personal blogs that actually tell a story.  Add this one to your lists!

 Lastly, a tool for you bloggers! I just discovered this tool and I must say I quite like it. You can build lists of links for and with your readers! I like it so much I’m adding it to my blog. Please check it out at the bottom of this blog posting. It’s called MckLinky.  

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