Terrific Tuesday – Etsy Faves!

Hi all, trying to get back on the blogging wagon again after a much needed holiday break.  So now, it’s back to business and I’d like to share with you a few new Etsy faves!  In honor of Mother Nature and Old Man Winter duking it out, I’ve decided to feature some more wintery items.  Enjoy!

  These are just too pretty and look so soft.  Apple Picking Fingerless Mittens by Coffee Break Designs.

This is the Ainsley Scarf by Lolo and Lilly. Made of Mohair and Lambswool.

This gorgeous print is called Hot Snowflake by Robin Maria Pedrero.  She is a wonderful artist I discovered on Etsy and I’m still waiting to buy myself a print.

And these Spicy Paprika Popcorned Leg Warmers by Uniquely Chic For You are just awesome.  I really want a pair of these !

Lastly is this delicious Textured Scarf in Shades of Blue and Black by Two Seaside Babes

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