Wednesday Ramblings…A Trip Down Memory Lane

Hello Wednesday, so glad to see you.  It’s the last few days before Christmas and I am (yet again) musing of Christmas pasts.  Someone asked on Facebook this morning what movie first you would like to relive.  I, of course, remembered way back to seeing Star Wars as just a wee lass (I was three!).  So in my never-ceasing-to-wander brain, I began thinking of how wondrous things were when I was younger.  I tried to figure out at what age Christmas ceased being awe-inspiring and turned into “Hope-I-Get-What-I-Wantmas”.  Then immediately my mind turned to a few years ago when Christmas became truly special again – the year I met my “Christmas Baby” – my hubby.  (End ramble here.)

In all these whirlwinds of thoughts I remembered a few items that rocked my world when I was a kid.  Good, old fashioned toys they really don’t make anymore (mass-produced at least).  It’s really only recently, upon discovering the awesome world of Handmade, that I realized some of this magic still does exist.

My spotlight today is toys of Christmas past and toys of Christmas present.  A tiny bridge between the two that I have found again with some really great Artisans.  Enjoy!!

Oh Lincoln Logs, how I did love them!

Almost as much as I loved our GIANT Tinker Toys. These babies were life size and so much fun!

And of course who can forget Cabbage Patch Kids?  The sheer madness that surrounded them was unreal.  I didn’t get one until after the craze subsized but mine was a world traveler from Spain.
Then there was my all time favorite, Lite Bright!  I have no idea how they lasted so long with those deadly little plastic pieces!
Now here come some toys I have found in the Handmade community that I just love.  The kid in me wants to buy each and every one!
Here you find Grey Poupon Fox, a handmade creation from Sleepy King.  He is so adorable I want at least three.
I love these Kitty Egg Crayons from Kitty Baby Love.  You get 6 colors of your choice and better yet, they’re amazingly cute.

When I was younger I used to love pretend shopping.  As an adult, I am obsessive about grocery shopping.  So naturally I totally dig this Felt Fruit Basket by Tate’s Tastee’s.

Wow this is super cool.  It’s a Memory Match game by Lemon Tree Studio.  But get this, it’s a ROBOT edition!!  To this day I love memory games and this one is on top of my list!

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