Terrific Tuesday – Etsy Faves!

Hello there!  With Mondays being reserved for my Art Fire Faves, it’s only fair that I pay homage to Etsy as well.  There are so many talented folks out there, these are just a few (in random order) I have found and love.

I really love these adorable handmade, lampwork beads at Maybeads.  Who wouldn’t love some of these?  My personal favorite is this little wiener dog!  I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact I have a little 1/2 wiener at home.  So cute!

One of my all time faves I have found so far in all my perusing on Etsy has got to be Woolcrazy.  All creatures are made from natural and recycled fibers.  I think they would make great Christmas Presents!  My favorite is this raccoon which I have been promised, more will be made soon!

Karen Davis is another talented artist based in the UK.  Her blog, Moonlight and Hares is also great.  It’s hard for me to choose a favorite because I really love all of her work.  But since this blog entry seems to be taking a leaning towards animals, why not pick the one with the black cat?  This one is called Magic Cat.

This last one has nothing to do with animals, I swear!  I do love, love, love these Recycled Album Jacket Coasters from Inoudids attic.  They’re tres chic whilst also green and eco-friendly!  I can’t wait to give a set of these for Christmas to my album loving brother in law!  And really, who doesn’t love the Bangles?  

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