River Rock Pendants Make Great Worry Stones!

One of my first creations that I truly felt “connected” to are the pendants I make out of polished river rocks.  They are nothing I had seen anyone else make and are actually very relaxing to work on.  

Recently I came across something I had never heard of; probably because they were “popular” in the 60’s and early 70’s!  They’re called Worry Stones.  So I did a little digging and come to find out, my river rock pendants are so very similar!  Here is a little more information on them.

 Worry stones are smooth, polished gemstones in the shape of an oval with a thumb- sized indentation. They originated in Ancient Greece. These stones were held between the index finger and thumb – rubbing them is believed to lessen one’s worries. This action is a type of stimulation which can often create great feelings of calmness and reduce stress levels.  (Wikipedia)

 They are also called “Wishing Stones” and “Palm Stones”. It’s much like finding a flat, smooth rock and skipping it across water, making a wish except these you wear close to your heart.  The folklore behind them is pretty interesting; at one time they were referred to as “hag stones”.  Not a very pretty name, but they served mainly the same purpose.  In English folklore, if you happen across a smooth stone you are supposed to spit on it, toss it over your left shoulder and make a wish.  I like the idea of wearing them much better!
In Greece you can find them as they are called Kompolói.  They are, however, a string of beads and are believed to originate from Turkish Prayer Beads.  Numbers vary anywhere from 16-23 and are meant more of a distraction piece to take your mind off your worries.

Here are a few examples of my pendants vs. pictures of  “actual” worry stones.

An Irish worry stone made from ancient marble.  Irish folklore dictated these stones being passed from family to family as a sign of everlasting friendship.

One of my river rock pendants with turquoise, which is said to absorb negative energy.
GGreek Kompolói beads of Amber.  Much like my “mulit-use” pendants!

One of my “multi-use” pendants you can hook on to just about anything.  Pretty similar, eh?

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