Tutorial – How to Make Earring Cards to Display Your Work

This is my first tutorial but I think it’s a good one.  There are plenty of places (jewelry supplies) on the web where you can go to purchase pre-made earring and necklace cards.  What fun is that?  If you’re making handmade jewelry, why not extend it to include your display?  Here is a very simple method for  making your own.

Things you’ll need:

  • A paper cutter/trimmer
  • Thick cardstock (I use white, you can use whatever)
  • A rubber stamp of your logo or something that resembles it
  • A paper punch
  • Address Labels (I use clear)


Step One
Get out your paper cutter/trimmer (see picture, right) and your cardstock.

Step Two
Cut paper at 6″ (can do 4″ for smaller cards)

Step Three
Cut paper again at 2″ intervals. (can do larger for wider cards)


Step Four
Get out your stamp and ink.  Apply logo/picture to bottom of one side.



Step Five
Fold paper in half creating a tent.


Step Six
Place address label (I pre-did mine with my shop info) on back bottom.  You could also just hand-write something too.


Step Seven
Punch holes at top near fold.  I used a special punch for threading ribbon – you can use a pin or a punch or whatever to make a hole.

Voila! You’re done!  How easy is that?

2 thoughts on “Tutorial – How to Make Earring Cards to Display Your Work

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