My Newest Creations – Mutli Use Clip On Pendants!

Most days I wear the same old black purse because it’s useful and fits all my “stuff”. So it got me to thinking how I could change the look of my bag without actually taking all the stuff out of it. Purse jewels were born!

I had all of these binder rings hanging around and I was determined to find a use for them. So I did up some beads and hooked them right on. Initial response to them was great!  (See picture, left)

But after much thought I decided that I did not like the look of the rings. Last night I sat at my work table and reworked them with these super cool hooks that I have. Now, they can be clipped right on to anything! (see picture, right)

In my shop at Art Fire ( I have illustrated a few uses for them.  You can clip them to zippers (purses, hoodies, jackets), chains, belts…the possibilities are endless!  Check them out today.  I can also customize them with any colors you so desire!

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