I think we have a winner!

Kimono Violet by Sherwin Williams!
Now it’s time to hit the hardware store and pick up tape, rollers and some brushes!  I suppose we should first clear out some of the crap that’s lurking in the room.  Was hoping to do it  Clean Sweep style but don’t have enough hands to drag it all outside.  We’ll still incorporate the “Trash”, “Keep”, “Sell” method but on a smaller scale.
So of course now that I looked up the link, I’m reading on the Clean Sweep site and they have some really great ideas under the “Tricks & Tips” section.  Here are some good ones:
  • Physical objects can trigger strong memories, but only the memories themselves are important, not the objects.
  • When sifting through your clutter you have to be brutal in order to make a dent.
  • Try to keep only stuff that is useful and/or practical.
  • Utilizing all the height of a room can give the appearance of more space and leave more room for storage elsewhere.
  • Cutting down the clutter helps you know what you have. Then you don’t have to go out and buy an item that duplicates one you already have, but simply can’t find.  (I’m sooo guilty of this!)
  • If you own a piece of clothing that’s spent a year or more lying around unworn and unused, let it go.
  • Books are made to be read. Once you’ve given a book a read, let it go. You can donate books to the local library, a school or charity, or you can sell them and buy new titles.

Ok, time to get to it and have a yard sale!

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