DIY Halloween – Handmade Costumes for Kids

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So of course, I’m checking out Martha Stewart this morning and she has an entire spread on handmade kids costumes.  They’re absolutely adorable!! I’m in love with the butterfly, lambs and woodland creatures.

Since she’s awesome, Martha includes easy plans for making the costumes featured on her site.  Most can be made from everyday items you either have or can get on the cheap.  We all know how much costumes can cost nowadays, so why not put a little bit of yourself into it?

I also wanted to check in over at Etsy and share a few kids costume ideas from there as well.

monarch butterfly tutu costume |$55| pigtailsandpearls

yoda costume |$44.95| thegreenhedgehog

super hero monkey business cape |$25| pipandbean

I personally want the Monkey Business cape so I can be Captain Monkeypants for Halloween.  Happy Haunting all!

Fall Fashion Trend – Faux Fur

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Looking through pictures of Fashion Week today, I’m noticing a huge emphasis on fur.  I’m not a big fan of real fur at all.  The good news is that some designers are not only fashion forward, they also have a cruelty free conscience.  Seeing this trend able to carry through Fall and Winter, I’m willing to bet you’ll be seeing a lot more “fur” to come.  These Handmade artisans feature faux fur in their work.

faux fur legwarmers by KimKatBags

faux fur and wool cape by kellylynne

concrete jungle snowskirt by fantasyworldheroes

mini faux fur collar by labwear


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For those of you haven’t heard of it, Cargoh is a curated venue for artists and designers.  They have pretty straight forward guidelines – pretty pictures and a fabulous design aesthetic.  The result is a stunning group of handmade work.

Not only is Cargoh a marketplace, it’s heavily tied into Social Media.  You can log in using your Facebook and pull your picture directly from it.  It feels like a new, fresh and oh-so-more-artistic Etsy.  You can sign up for an account pretty easily but to become a seller, you must submit your work and bio.  I personally love this as my one complaint with the other online marketplaces is the over abundance of sellers.

Here are a few lovelies I found using Cargoh’s awesome search options.

Linea Sunset by Styleset

ecrue grecian yoke top by larimeloom

love of reading by eye shutter to think

Being the Hostest with the Mostest

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It’s almost upon us – the Holidays – a time to gather friends and family for events from Halloween to Fall Harvest and Thanksgiving on all the way through the New Year.  The time to start planning these festivities is, yes, you guessed it, NOW!  If you give yourself enough time to get that list started, you’ll be in good shape when it’s time to start playing hostess.

Greet them at the door with this yarn wreath from ItzFitz on Etsy

Protect your party dress while remaining fashionable. Amy Butler print apron by SugarPieChic on Etsy.

Deliver the goods with this platter by PaisleyHillDesigns on Etsy.

Wow them with delicious organic cupcakes from TheLaughingLotus on Etsy

Something lovely for those cupcakes by vesselsandwares on Etsy

Somewhere to put those cocktails with festive coasters from MeadowTea on Etsy

my latest treasury

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‘leaves of grass’ by blackcatcraft


BOGO Sale Dream gra…


Green Grass Perfume


tall grass pillow


Black Cat in Grass …


Grass Journal


Bike In Grass – Goc…


Beach Grass Color P…


Photographic Coaste…


Green grass cuff


accent pillow – gra…


Blades of Grass Gif…


The Grass is always…


NEW Grasses Scarf


Cut Grass Handmade …


hand painted herb p…


Green Grass – 8×8 P…


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Trends – Boots (Always My Favorite)

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Every year as summer begins to fade and Fall begins its beautiful journey to me, I get excited. It’s my favorite season for so many reasons. Halloween, leaves turning gorgeous shades of reds, oranges, yellows and greens, cooler weather and autumnal scents filling  the air. However, one thing usually gets me amped more than anything else…Fall clothes and shoes! I love layering…tights and skirts, boots with tall socks, sweaters, scarves…the list is endless. My all time favorite for fall is a killer pair of boots. I had suede slouch boots in 7th grade (thanks to my Mom who I now realize was fashion forward) and lace up Victorian boots in High School. College was more of a Doc Marten time and now I’m drooling over black, leather motorcycle boots. No matter where you live, no matter what size you are, this is one fashion “trend” you must own. I even hesitate to call it a “trend” since a great pair of boots will always serve you well.Here are a few great boots and things to wear with boots. I love the “rocker” style, the “biker” style and the “postapocalyptic” style.

SteamRaider Boots by Pennangalan

Classic Motorcycle Boots by apocalypsevintage

Thigh Highs - Leather Look by BabooshkaBoutique

Lady Guinevere Leg Warmer by poppyswickedgarden

Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Color Palette Renaissance – Etsy Style

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As part of a continuing series I’m focusing on the color trends from Fashion Snoop for Fall/Winter/2010/2011. In my last post I discussed the “Hitchcock” palette – lots of gorgeous neutrals. Today I present you with their other palette, Renaissance.  According the Fashion Snoop this color palette and key items represent the translation of “combating a rough economy with a warrior-like aesthetic.”  Look for hints of Joan of Arc as well as Robin Hood in fashion influence.  This translates to lots of metal, fur, leather and chainmaille.  This forecast is much welcome to me; I love the softness of  romance mixed with toughness and strength.

I adore the richness of this palette, neutrals balanced with dreamy jewel tones.  My favorite color from this is Pantone 18-1648 or “Baked Apple”.  Not pink, not red – a gorgeous blend and the best of both.  It reminds me of rosy cheeks after a chilly winter walk.  Below I’ve hand picked some Etsians with this gorgeous Baked Apple worked into their collections.





Terrific Tuesday ~ Etsy Faves and Finds!

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Yes it’s Tuesday again which means more lovelies from Etsy!  I’m feeling Autumnal today so I’m going with a Fall theme.  It’s my favorite time of the year – perhaps because I’m a Libra, born in October and grew up with Halloween themed birthdays.  I love crisp, cool air and the smell of cinnamon.  The colors of turning leaves and muted, earthy tones resonate within me.  This year, my own color palette is a little “brighter” than the usual browns, oranges and greens – but they’re still my favorites.  So please enjoy and be sure to stop by these gorgeous shops and show some love!

Bragging Bags ( is a wonderful shop with an overall Autumn and earthy wedding feel to it. Lots of nature inspired gifts, favors, jewelry and accessories for rustic/country/green weddings.  I featured them in my treasury a while back and I just can’t get enough of this ethereal shop!  I love these pumpkin ring bearer “pillows”.



A new discovery for me, Nushkie Design ( offers absolutely gorgeous felt work.  Beyond Fall lovelies, Nushkie offers winter & Christmas designs, toys, Mermaids and wearable felt items.



One of the best things about Autumn for me is chilly weather clothing.  I love the colors, textures and warmth Fall colors and fabrics brings.  Anyone that knows me knows I love tights or leggings with a good skirt and a killer pair of boots.  I found some great organic leggings here at Conscious Clothing ( and a few other great fall pieces.  Supporting fashion that is sustainable should be at the top of your Fall fashion shopping list!




Featured in the Star News Wilmington!

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So a few weeks back I got a random reply to one of my blogs from a reporter for the Star News.  She was doing a feature on local Etsy sellers and asked if I’d like to be included.  Of course I said yes and waited patiently for the list of questions to arrive in my inbox.  Within a few days I had them and answered them promptly.  Later in the week a very nice photographer came to my house where I sat in my studio smiling for the camera.  I do not like having my picture taken at all!  But he was super nice and made it easy for me.  After he left, the waiting began.  The article was originally supposed to appear online the next week and in print within a few days after that.  Unfortunately it was delayed a few days and more waiting ensued.

Last week I received the joyous news that it was due out on August 15th in print – the Sunday paper!! Sometime late Friday night I happened online and found this:

Etsy wraps local artists, buyers in web of commerce

By Carmen Rodriguez
StarNews Correspondent

I was overjoyed to say the least.  I’ve never been featured in anything really, let alone the paper.  It’s a great article which you should definitely read when you have the time.

So, yesterday – Sunday – finally rolls around and I, of course, had to run to the store and check the paper.  I was totally blown away when I turned to the Work section and found this:

I couldn’t be happier and managed to buy a few copies to send to my family.  Please take a minute to read the online article (it’s the same as the print) and send me your thoughts!!

Terrific Tuesday – Etsy Finds and Faves

08/03/2010 § 2 Comments

Here it is Tuesday and I’m home sick with a bug.  But that won’t stop me from posting some fabulous Etsy finds!  I’ve decided today to focus on Etsy clothing designers.  It amazes me what great wearable treasures you can find on Etsy.  Enjoy!






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